Generic Resume Cover Letter – Why to avoid them when applying technical, Medical or Educational


I spent some time online looking for a general resume cover letter recently to present my resume. I have many years experience in teaching in the field and I was looking to increase my income. I made what I believe to be a huge mistake while applying to one of the companies that were hiring. If I had thought about the information I was getting, I would have figured out my problem before. Here is what others should avoid when looking for new generic cover letter.

What I did not realize when I came across some of the letters online was that if I found them with such ease, others would find them too. course, I did not copy the letter word for word, but the form and the text used is unnecessary and the look and sound generic. So I looked for something, yet general, but with reference to teaching. I found the letter and I took the information and put together a quick cover letter that I sent out.

A couple of days after new general cover letter and my resume received. I got a call from the human resources department, one of the companies that I placed too. It was short, the doctor conducted a question and answer conversation does not last more than a minute if it. The conversation was long and I’ll tell you that I have not been embarrassed before in my life. Turns out I did not change a letter enough to where I adjust my teaching field. The resume I sent was way out of what the company was looking for. It was not clear area my teaching or my technical background, which is the position required.

As the man on the phone was the way I was not qualified for the position of the cover letter my place. I realized the mistake I had made. There was no way for me to go back and say anything about my mistake. After all I had just copied the letter form online source and made minor amendments. It was a shame for me to be I felt it was a good place for me to work.

From the mistakes I learned to create a detailed resume and cover letter for each individual company. I looked into better ways to get my letter to stand out. As for the general new cover letter my days, they are far behind me. I will not go through it again.


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