Cover Letters – Quick, Easy and Effective


Most people have a hard time writing a cover letter when applying for jobs. I want to share with you some secrets to quickly and effortlessly write effective cover letters. Cover letters are like puzzles, where you have all the pieces, you only need to put it together. Follow the simple form me and you will be able to put together cover about two minutes.


First you should have your own header, which provides all of the information (name, phone, address, etc.), which should be used cover letter, new, and reference sheet. Keep your head simple, but attractive. Ideally, when you tell the company you want to return the work with the same title.

After the header, write the full date, two returns, and the company name and address. Give two back after the address and then write the opening greeting. It is a good idea, if you do not already know the name of the hiring manager, to give the company a call and get his name. Using a name adds much weight cover letter. If you can not get his name, and it’s okay, when giving a welcome note of your just change where recipients had a name, “RE: [title apply].”


first paragraph may always be the same and should be similar example:

I am writing to express my interest in the position [title apply], as it is close match my experience and skills.

skills and experience provisions of

Use the next 1-3 paragraphs to show your skills for a specific job you are applying for. Most of the jobs I applied for are in technical project management, so I have a paragraph that I reuse that shows my experience, skills, and achievements in the field. I tailor it every time if needed, but rarely required. You have to write a few paragraphs to show your skills and experience to the type of work you are looking for. Make sure to save all the skills and experience of paragraph writing. In the future you will want to share the same information in a different character for copy and paste it.

Good communication one of the most important skills that employers are looking for. I always recommend including paragraph talking about communication skills.

Closing and Wrap Up

The second to last paragraph is where you should apply what you say above specific job, and always starts the same “Because of my ability and skills in both the [project] and [development], I will be able to actually …” Complete this sentence by copying some ‘obligations’ out of the job description. Add other similar punishment if necessary to impose unrelated skills

The last paragraph is always the same and should look similar to the example :.

I appreciate the opportunity to apply for this position and I am sure that my background and skills that make me a qualified candidate. You can contact me via email or phone to schedule an interview. I look forward to hearing from.


[remember writing]

[full name]

Once you have written all the skills paragraphs and complete cover, you should be able to construct new characters within minutes by copying and pasting them together. Sometimes I need to write a new paragraph to make it specific to a single work. Always make sure to save all your cover letter so you can reuse the same paragraph skill in the future, it can also be useful when you get an interview to know what you’ve already told them.


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