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Reference Letter is like gold: I read recently tried to HR was starting to play down the value of the reference letters. Why? Because they figure you would just be a reference letter with your cover letter, if they were good. Duh! Recruiters will always confirm your history through reference letters. The better you get with your references, and check in each case, the better. Many employers will update letter reference, years after you have left the company. Which in turn speaks to the credibility and good relationship with the reference. Always give reference courtesy call, a heads up if you want, that they might receive a call from XYZ company. You would never want to get a call reference, and to be caught off guard. When you can put a reference letter to the cover letter and again, you have tremendous continuity.

If you have been a volunteer, there are reference letters as well. It is not a paid job, I know, but work nonetheless. Volunteer references again or cover letter is like gold, because these references have had the opportunity to get to know you, work style, and people skills every bit as well as an employer. Reference volunteer letter counts for a great and should always be included in your cover letter or resume. Remember, they talk to their personal credibility and integrity. In my book, anyone who speaks well of honesty, to tell me everything I need to know about the heart and soul of who you really are. Reference letters are an essential part of the cover letter and resume package.

recruiter today’s highly trained and more professional, and will always take cover letter and reference letter seriously. Cultivate your references by simply staying in touch. Pick up the phone and get caught up, you just never know when that reference is going to help the country to work for you. A good reference letter is almost like insider trading.

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