Continue to write for Ex con


resume writing and job hunting is working. No matter what your background is, there is one thing that employers are looking for from ever applicant; insurance. They want as much assurance as possible that you have to show up to work, can do the job, and will not be responsible.

In order to obtain the certainty and protect themselves as much as possible, employers collect resumes, interviews, perform background checks, and you jump through hoops.

No matter who you are, employers will guarantee if you are ex-con you have to work even harder to reassure them. So what can you do? Lying will not help. When you find out that you just have to get another black mark to overcome and with today’s technology can keep with you forever.

First, work on writing your resume. Create the best new and you can highlight your experience and what you have to offer. Use the cover letter that gets the call. If you have been imprisoned for a long period of time you can create skills keep not give a chronology of your time, but it relates to the job skills you need.

The interview is your chance to shine. When you arrive at the employer interview you do not have to show the history right, but do it before you go. When you show a criminal history, as many letters as you can get your hands on. Previous employers, probation officers, priests or ministers can all help. If you need more references volunteer somewhere for a while and build a solid reputation. When you leave the interview, the interviewer shake hands, look into their eyes, and give them a solemn promise. For example, “hire me will be one of the best decisions you will ever make,” or “You have the opportunity to help me show you my loyalty and turn over a new leaf.”


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