Again – Blank Resume Layout


Ok, you need the CV fast and do not have time to do it the old fashioned way. In order to complete the return, however, follow the instructions following formatted blank below.

Street Address, City, State, Zip; Home phone; Cellular Phone; professional email

Job Objectives / Job Summary
I’m looking for a position with your company because the reasons x, y and z. My education and background is a direct fit with your company from bla, bla, bla

School, City (Dates attended) Major, degree (date provided)
Optional -. School, City (Dates attended) Major, degree (date provided)

Job 1
Major achievements
relevant experience to the position applied for

Job 2
Major achievements
relevant experience to the position applied for

Other Skills / certification / Experience

above shows only the basic outline for you. Be sure the header contains all correct and up to date information. Remember, human resources, you just try to contact you once.

In a career objective / job summary section, use the professional goals if you are just starting out without much experience, otherwise use the greatest accomplishment here to show the recruiter that you are serious candidate. It will not get lost later in the document.

Education of our school, degree, major and date provided. Use more than one line if there are multiple schools attended.

experience should only included the relevant skills and work to the job you are applying for. Slightly more than one or two companies will not be able to read, so do not waste your time with a laundry list of questions.

Finally, put down any special skills or certifications that could not been done before. This is also a good place for military or government clearance to occur.

There is an easier way to accomplish this task and following the link below, you will be able to cut the time drastically as well. Make sure to proof read the newspaper for mistakes before sending it out.


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