Again – A Sure Fire Objective Statement for the $ 100,000 + Candidates


If you are looking to expand your job search to new industries, or new types of work, Objective Statement is going to be critical. At $ 100,000 + level, Objective Statement needs to be articulate, engaging and compelling. And it has to be one short sentence.

In a down market, as we are today, there are fewer jobs to apply for. People who have been laid off are forced to look for a job, when they would not normally be in the labor market. This is especially true if you have been terminated in a declining industry. The job opportunities are decreasing, the number of people applying for them is going up.

A great strategy is to apply for similar jobs in other industries that are not declining.

challenge is to grab the reader’s attention quickly and hold them to read the rest of your resume

These are three things that will appear in the $ 100,000 + Objective Statement :.

1. The position you are looking to fill

What expertise are you looking to offer new boss? Be direct and specific about the situation you want, “Search a ________ position …” Fill in the blank with a job that is meaningful for the next boss. If you are answering an ad use the title of the ad. This could be “admin” for some and “Assistant” for others.


This section is important when you are expanding into new industries. If you are applying for a job in medicine, and all of your experience in the financial services, the employer is going to think it’s wrong. You need to explicitly let them know you are looking for a job in the industry: “… in the ________ industry …”

3. Greatest qualification

This is where you can use an objective statement as a headline for your resume, and let them know that you are indeed qualified to work for them in the position and industry. Tell them the best qualifications you have. Be as big and bold as you feel comfortable to wear. So objective statement will end up with something like this: “. … With my skills _______”


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