15 Tips for Writing Great Cover Letter


document, together with attractive again, the main self-promotional tool and should reflect the core competencies that they are specific to the position you are interested in. Following are 15 ways to ensure that your application gets noticed!

1. Be specific. Cover letters should be relatively short and to-the-point. Usually 3 to 4 paragraphs do introduce yourself, state what position you are applying for, and why they should choose you. Recruiters have almost always tons of applications to go through and do not have time to work on long documents.

2. Be creative. You would like to make an impression, without getting out material. What makes you uniquely qualified for the job? Describe your skills in bringing them to life.

3. Sell yourself. Show what you have to offer. Give clear examples of past performance and what you are capable of at this point in your career.

4. Do your homework. Find out as much as you can about the company, and the position they hope to prevail, then explain exactly how you will benefit their own merits. Show that you care enough to do this kind of research ahead of time.

5. Use examples. Demonstrating how experience and accomplishments could especially benefit them.

6. Show a little personality. You have to give a potential employer a glimpse of the person behind the paper; trying to give the exact feeling that you are. How well do you fit into their culture?

7. Customize. Try to address a letter to a real person; find out who is in charge of hiring and / or their name. Once again, this kind of attention to detail will set you apart.

8. Be professional. Maintain appropriate formal format and tone.

9. Use a style that is appropriate, but noticeable. Do not be afraid to use humor in small doses if it reflects who you are, or if you are particularly relevant anecdote.

10. Customize. Write a different letter for each position, or at least change the information to optimize your use of the relevant information.

11. Attention to detail. Do not skip important steps such as proof-reading, spell-checking, and the date, position title, and up-to-date information about your contacts.

12. Show a little interest. Employers want to attract employees who want to promote positive energy to their work environment.

13. Pay attention to the flow of your letter. Try to avoid starting each paragraph of “I.” And keep paragraphs short.

14. Show a sincere interest, without excessive decorations. Qualify your claims, which shows how the experience has shown dedication to the common issues, etc.

15. Be honest about your experience, not too humble or exaggerate. You want to get an interview, not only to have them discover that you are not who you claimed to be.


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